Addressing Mental Health Challenges in 2023

National First Responder Wellness Foundation, Inc.

Making Life Saving Treatment available for
all First Responders and Veterans

Who we are
The National First Responder Wellness Foundation

We are dedicated to addressing the unique mental health challenges faced by first responders in 2023. Recognizing the alarming rates of addiction, elevated suicide risks, and post-retirement mortality among this critical community, we are committed to providing vital support and resources. Our mission is to ensure that every first responder and veteran, regardless of their insurance or financial situation, has unfettered access to specialized mental health care.

Addiction rates are significantly higher for first responders compared to the general population, highlighting the urgent need for specialized mental health support.

Shockingly, most police officers pass away within five to seven years after their retirement, underscoring the long-term impacts of the challenges they face in their line of duty.

First responders face elevated risks of suicide due to the immense stress and trauma associated with their roles, emphasizing the critical importance of mental health resources.

Not all first responders have access to the mental health care they require, particularly those without insurance or financial support, further exacerbating the challenges they face.

Depression and anxiety affect a significant percentage of first responders, highlighting the urgent need for tailored mental health services to support their well-being.