Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is comprised of passionate individuals who bring a wealth of expertise and dedication to the mission of the National First Responder Wellness Foundation. With diverse backgrounds in fields ranging from mental health advocacy to public safety, each member is deeply committed to the well-being of our nation’s first responders. Together, they provide strategic guidance, invaluable insights, and unwavering support to ensure that our foundation continues to make a meaningful impact.

Meet Our Board of Directors

Get to know the dedicated individuals who lead us in our mission to address the unique mental health challenges faced by first responders in 2023.

Chairman of the Board

John Mahoney

Goldman Sachs

President/Executive Director

David K. Beyer


Secretary/Treasurer of the Board

Laura J. Beyer

RN, Executive Vice-President, Chief Operating Officer

Brian Decker

Lazarus Israel Opportunities Fund, LLLP

David Aguilar

Former Deputy Commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection

Beverly Anderson

PhD, EAP, DC Metro Police Department